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Message about Sidewalks

March 1, 2019 — Message regarding conditions of the sidewalks and snow contractor’s performance:

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Note from Boyd Property Managers

February 21, 2019 — We have received many emails over the last few weeks at Boyd Property Management (BPM) about homeowners stating that BPM Inc is not fulfilling their contract this year.

In fact, we have been out every day applying material to all roadways and sidewalks trying to chip and scrap away any ice that has melted or that can be lifted up by shovels or the blades/blowers on the sidewalk machines.  When there is a large ice buildup on sidewalks, the ice is too thick to lift with the blade. This creates another issue because the blades or blowers will not be level with the asphalt which will leave a snow ridge behind.  This makes the sidewalks look messy.  We then have to apply more material to loosen up the ice so that we can scrape it to the asphalt.  We need warmer temperatures to fix this problem.  In the next few weeks, we are supposed to get warmer weather which will allow us to remove more ice from roadways and sidewalks.   

With the warm sun throughout the day causing higher temperatures, the ice melts. Then the temperature goes down to -20 at night and it freezes back up over top of the material we have applied throughout the property, which makes it look as if we have not done any work to the sidewalks.   We have put an astronomical amount of salt/grit down to help with this freeze/thaw cycle.

 Our employees can’t work around the clock to keep up with the amount of ice we have had this year. Even the City sidewalks are ice covered.  This winter has been a challenge for all snow removal companies as we can’t get ahead of the ice build up.  We have gone through a tremendous amount of salt/grit this year.   BPM Inc. is trying really hard to keep ahead of the ice and have always gone above and beyond to make sure that all emails and phone calls have been addressed. 

 Once we get away from the -20 temperature at night we will be able to scrape as many icy areas as possible.  Please be patient with us and our employees.  They are doing the best they can with the amount of snow/rain that has fallen so far this winter. 

Boyd Property Management


Boyd Property Maintenance Inc.’s winter services are provided with a goal of securing a safe environment during winter weather conditions. Winter weather is unpredictable. Snow clearing services are challenging and should be viewed as an emergency service, and that is why during a continuous snow storm we focus on keeping roadways accessible and parking spots when the snow storm is completed. We ask residents to familiarize themselves with this short guideline to ease the process.


Trespassing Concerns

  • Regarding concerns about trespassing:  After consulting with bylaw and compliance at the City, we have been informed that since we are accessible at numerous points from the surrounding streets, "No Trespassing" signage is simply an indication of our intent. Only if one of our residents asks someone to leave the property is it enforceable. 
  • The person who asked the other to leave must be the one to call the police at the following number: 613-236-1222.  Please inform the manager and owners’ committee if you make such a call and let us know how your complaint was dealt with.

Joint Use Agreement

A reminder to owners who rent out their unit that according to clause 6.4, the Joint Use Agreement requires that owners provide the Committee an acknowledgment signed by the tenant agreeing to abide by the JUA. The committee is asking all owners who have tenants to submit the signed documents to the Property manager within 60 days to allow us to update our files in a timely manner.

>Joint Use Agreement (PDF)

Below is a Tenant Undertaking form which an owner can print out and have their tenant sign.

>Tenant Undertaking Form (PDF)

Free Residential Recycling Depot

This notice has been posted to our web site due to the increasing number of items being left for regular garbage pick-up which are not accepted by the City.

When the City does not pick up items, we must all bear the cost of having these items removed and properly disposed of. If you see anyone leaving items you know will not be picked up, please try to identify their unit and notify our manager, Angela, immediately.

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