Qualicum Woods Phase II Residential Freehold Townhomes, Ottawa, ON

Garbage & Recycling Collection

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Qualicum Woods Phase II
Freehold Townhomes
for the residents of
Draper Avenue, Cornell St. and Baseline Road, Ottawa

Recycling Depot
This item has been posted to our web site due to the increasing number of items being left for regular garbage pick-up which are not accepted by the City.

When the City does not pick up items we must all bear the cost of having these items removed and properly disposed of. If you see anyone leaving items you know will not be picked up, please try to identify their unit and notify our manager, Scott Smith, immediately.

A reminder to dispose of garbage /recycling properly. Do not place items curb side ahead of designated times even if you believe others may take them.

> Read about the free residential recycling depot
Dear Owner,

As a result of changing to curb side recycling pickup, the garbage and recycling collection area is being separated to allow for a more organized pickup by the City.

The map below indicates on which side the containers should be placed. Containers should be as close to the curb as possible and if necessary, stacked no higher than 2 containers.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Yours truly,

Scott Smith

Ontario Licensed Condominium Manager (OLCM)
Condominium Management Group
As Agents for
Qualicum Woods Phase II

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